Gulf Universal Sign Equipment Trading LLC (GUSET) is all set to render its service and support, by providing cost effective products, quick delivery and professional technical support to most of the Sign & Graphic digital imaging equipments.

Xenetech, USA appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their Heavy duty Engravers and Laser Cutting Machines.

U-Marq, UK appointed GUSET as reseller for their world's fastest Engravers. These machines are widely used in the gift supply Engraving, Sport gift Engraving, Lable Engaving. 

ColorJet, INDIA appointed GUSET as a distributor for their Solvent and Mild Solvent printers.

DIGITEX - Hong Kong, appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their products. DIGITEX products are very high quality products and professionally manufactured to compete with the branded printers.

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GUNSJET UF4547 UV-LED printers employs the latest UV LED curing technology to explore unlimited media application which are not possible for conventional digital printing such as acrylic board, aluminum composite board, corrugated cardboard, pasteboard, PVC, synthetic paper, PET, etc. Applicable to all kinds of productions such as banner, wrapping, backlit film, signboard, box file, etc.

The UV LED curing technology enhances productivity by speeding up production process. UV LED lamps require no warm up time to illuminate which outperform the conventional UV metal halide lamps. While it provides instantaneous drying to dramatically reduce job turnaround time from printing to processing

Eco-Friendly & Save Energy

GUNSJET UV-LED printers are environmental friendly inkjet printer with LED curing. LED lamps have a long life cycle for consistent print quality with no containment of toxic substances such as mercury, ozone and UVC rays. It saves approximately 70% of energy consumption in comparison with conventional UV metal halide lamps.

New technology with high-resolution Ricoh GEN4 print head

7 pico liters drop size

Operating jet frequency up to 30khz

Powerful and reliable piston-jetting mechanism by metallic diaphragm

New UV-LED curing technology

Applicable to acrylic board, aluminum composite board, corrugated cardboard, pasteboard, PVC, synthetic paper, PET, etc.

Long life time, timeless start up and less energy consumption for UV-LED

Less deformation and no drying time for media

Eco-friendly & better productivityWhite Ink Application

Optional white ink enables overlay printing on both transparent and colored substrate of brighter and vivid print qualityIntelligent two stage heating ink supply system

Intelligent heater on print head and sub ink tank

Control the operation temperature and viscosity for variety of inks

Ensure normal operation for low ambient temp. countriesActive Negative Pressure System

Ensure high stability of ink supply system

Easy monitoring by digital control pressure display gauges

Bulk ink tank and waste ink tank are installed with level sensors

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