Gulf Universal Sign Equipment Trading LLC (GUSET) is all set to render its service and support, by providing cost effective products, quick delivery and professional technical support to most of the Sign & Graphic digital imaging equipments.

Xenetech, USA appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their Heavy duty Engravers and Laser Cutting Machines.

U-Marq, UK appointed GUSET as reseller for their world's fastest Engravers. These machines are widely used in the gift supply Engraving, Sport gift Engraving, Lable Engaving. 

ColorJet, INDIA appointed GUSET as a distributor for their Solvent and Mild Solvent printers.

DIGITEX - Hong Kong, appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their products. DIGITEX products are very high quality products and professionally manufactured to compete with the branded printers.

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XL Duo Combination Laser & Diamond Drag Engraving System

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XLE Defining Features

  • Engraving and travel speeds from .001 to up to 75 ips
  • Custom wound, high speed, encoded stepper motors
  • Low-cost stepper motors provide for an affordable and reliable motion application

Duo Defining Features

  • 30 and 40 watt air cooled models available (all power measured at the lens, the farthest point from the tube)
  • Fully-featured laser capability combined with advanced diamond drag engraving
  • Advanced motion system design usually only found in large high-end formats


Features of the XL Duo 1218. An investment in this Laser System begins with top-of-the-line performance and a wide variety of features and enhancements, including:
  Color Touch screen keypad: On-board control panel gives total and real time control of the job, such as: on- the-fly speed and power changes, scroll-through job queue, job preview, pan and zoom, job recall , end-of-job signal, positioning, statistics read out, and more.
  Color Touch screen keypad: Full rendering of job information on screen including engrave-by-color information and color rendering of bitmap and photographic engraving image.
  Color Touch screen keypad: Singular view of raster and vector data on one plate with interactive prompting between engraving modes.

Precision, high-speed, and low maintenance Next-Generation motion system with lifetime bearing warranty. Motion system includes singular-extruded aluminum bridge/rail design, in-place belt-and-carriage tension adjustment, perma-mount retractable drag tool,

By combining the speed of this bridge technology with the durability of leadscrews on the Y-axis, the XL Duo combines the best of Xenetech rotary and laser technology yielding better quality and even more accurate positioning.

  Four-point engraving table mounts for increased capability

Laser focus tool and diamond drag tool remain mounted between engraving of different types. With a retractable drag tool, a simple lift-and-turn locking mechanism quickly stowes the drag too.

If you choose to use an optic with a smaller focal length, two screws allow you to remove the drag assembly.

  All optics are mounted in color coded holders that can be removed and replaced without affecting beam alignment.
By integrating diamond drag engraving into our engrave-by-color technology, users are able to select what they what to diamond drag and when to engrave it by simply assigning a layout object to a color and applying any desired attributes to that color.
By combining laser and diamond drag engraving into a single job on a single machine, a whole new line of products is available to engravers. Registration between laser and drag marking is inherent in the design of the Duo. Combine both types of marking within the same logo or artwork and you won't have to worry about aligning material between different machines.

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