Gulf Universal Sign Equipment Trading LLC (GUSET) is all set to render its service and support, by providing cost effective products, quick delivery and professional technical support to most of the Sign & Graphic digital imaging equipments.

Xenetech, USA appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their Heavy duty Engravers and Laser Cutting Machines.

U-Marq, UK appointed GUSET as reseller for their world's fastest Engravers. These machines are widely used in the gift supply Engraving, Sport gift Engraving, Lable Engaving. 

ColorJet, INDIA appointed GUSET as a distributor for their Solvent and Mild Solvent printers.

DIGITEX - Hong Kong, appointed GUSET as sole distributor for their products. DIGITEX products are very high quality products and professionally manufactured to compete with the branded printers.

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2 Ply Engraving Sheets

ABS Double-color board series made of high quality raw materials up to national standards throught advanced production technologies, which are brilliant in color.

> Wide application: Logo-carried board, badge, room sign board, floor guide board, medal, panel decoration and other signage.

> Features: Suitable for cutting, sawing, carving, hot-printing, laser=carving. screen-printing, bending, gluing, etc.

> Size: 24”x48”x1/16 (160mmx1220mmx1.5mm)


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Ioline100 System

>    Easy to use
>    Cuts up to 1,145 pieces per hour
>    Connects to a PC just like a printer
>    Cuts heat transfer materials and vinyl
>    Works with CorelDraw!™ and Adobe Illustrator™

Cutathletic letters and heat-applied
-333 graphics on-demand and
profit. The Ioline100 System gives you

greater control over production, reduces costs,  shortens delivery time and reates custom, eye- catching products that will keep our customers coming back year after year. Cuttingonthe100 System is easy with Ioline 101 Software.There peat plot buttononthe100 System keypad stores your last job, so you can quickly cut

multiples with out tying up your computer. Made with durable metal parts, this work horse machine features the SmarTrac™ tracking system and a more powerful servo motor than that used by other brands. And, the100 System cuts faster and lasts longer than other cutters. Best of all: it’s available at an unbelievable price.

IOline SmarTrac Contour Cutter

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Ioline Sign Cutter

“Tips the workhorse scale.
Versatile. Fast. ”

>    Available in 25- and 31-in widths
>    Cuts vinyl, sandblast, rubylith, flock, stencil, reflectives and more
>    Cut or plot from CorelDraw!™ with Ioline IQ Plot Software
>    Multi-function tool holder
>    Life-time free support and the

industry’s longest 100% warranty

Designed for speed, low maintenance and -306unparal eled durability, the Ioline SmarTrac -400™ makes signmaking and easy more profitable. Versatility.

Cut vinyl signs, create stencils, make pounce pat-terns or plot large format drawings. The rugged, high-speed Ioline SmarTrac™ holds pens and tools
up to 7/8 inches in diameter. Time-saving design.

Fast along straight lines and curves, the Ioline SmarTrac™ features an intuitive universal keypad that enables you to change speed and down-force pressure while the  machine is running.  There are no LCD menus to slow you down. Repeat plots at the touch of a button.

Start a job and move on to another project: the machine’s adjustable media-feed system and proprietary drive shaft  technology accurately track graphics on media as thin as paper to materials as thick as sandblast mask. The I/S 85 also features 500g of down-force and tangential blade control for cutting thicker materials like reflectives or

heavy sandblast, lifting and realigning the blade as the cut angle changes—resulting in a perfect cut that weeds easily and cleanly.

Hassle-free & reliable. Maintenance is a snap with Ioline’s unique SmarTrac Technology. The SmarTrac™’s revolution-ary friction-free head eliminates the need for lubrication or periodic adjustment. A workhorse signcutter, the SmarTrac™ is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. with wear-resistant metal parts. Ioline is so confident our signcutters will perform day in and day out, we offer life-time free support and the longest 100% warranty in the industry.

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XOT 912


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XOT 1313


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